Dear Mountain Shadow Staff,

Dog A.J., one of our canine patientsToday, my pup A.J. was given a clean bill of health and I could not let the day go by without writing a thank you note. In May 2013, I rescued A.J. and instantly fell in love with a puppy that simply loved the world around him-two-legged or four-legged creatures-he loved them all. Sadly, due to the conditions under which he was bred, a cage with several other dogs that were totally unkept, AJ was full of scabs that continued to grow as he aged. He was given various medication, shampoos, and was scheduled to have all sorts of tests (thyroid, diabetes, allergies, etc.) since a diagnosis was not forthcoming. Several months later, as a retired woman, with limited resources, I was beginning to think I would have to give away this precious creature-but who would take him? Would I have to put him down?

In sharing his story with one of your clients at a street fair, she strongly suggested that I see Dr. MacDonald and gave me his card. I called Monday morning, explained what was happening, and to my surprise and delight, I was given an appointment for later that afternoon. A tech interviewed me and shortly thereafter, Dr. MacDonald took a blood test and skin sample and used a microscope. He immediately diagnosed the problem and a treatment plan was put in place. WOW! As of today, a few weeks away from A.J.’s first birthday, my pup is disease free.

I cannot find the words to tell you how much your hospital means to me. Your staff-all from the receptionist who helped me get an appointment the same day as my call, the technicians who do the preliminary interviews, Dr. MacDonald who cured my pup-all who welcome anyone who walks through your door, with a smile and treat each person or animal with dignity and respect. Thank you from both A.J. and I.

— Rita Marie Trucios