MSVH group photoOn September 29th, 2018 the Mountain Shadow Veterinary Hospital team took part in the 30th Annual Schuylkill Haven Borough Day. It was a great success!

We laughed, danced, painted faces, made a ton of new friends, and got to catch up with some old friends.

Many rodenticide (rat poison) products contain green dyes to make them stand out. Unfortunately, dogs and cats have poor color vision and often mistake these poison pellets for kibbled pet food. Read Zoey's story below; it is an interesting case that every pet parent can learn from.

  Dog Zoey

Zoey is a 17 month old terrier mix with a friendly and curious personality — so curious that she had a history of chewing and eating things she shouldn't. Her parents recently moved into a house with a neglected yard. After the move, Zoey started coughing and vomiting, so they brought her to Mountain Shadow Veterinary Hospital.

Zoey's x-rays and blood work were normal and she was treated for a general gastrointestinal upset. A few days later though, Zoey's throat swelled up and she started coughing up blood. She also had blood in her stool, so Zoey's parents brought her back to us.

Since the move, Zoey's parents were finding green bricks in the yard and, at this second appointment, they brought in a picture of one of these bricks. The bricks were immediately recognized as rat poison! Zoey had been slowly poisoning herself with these bricks that were hidden in the tall grass.